Older and Reckless

What an amazing joy it was to be a part of the Older and Reckless online event celebrating 20 years of age on stage. It was reviving to be reunited with 15 other dancers and 3 musicians in the park where we filmed "Apheart" the movement score I created with the amazing Carol Anderson. The dance was in honor of the trees, the earth, the sky and each other. The film version seemed to go straight to the heart of it. 

And the workshops leading up to the event were amazing!  I was so happy to share some of the Tree Ogham to a beautiful community of movers. Kudos to Claudia Moore at MoonHorse Dance for the much needed opportunities to keep on dancing during this isolating time.  Our dancing souls need to dance! 

I suggest you feed your own dancing soul by putting on some music and boogie down in the kitchen. Dance on! 


Watch the trailer here.