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Upward Spiral digital offerings at this site include: 

  • E-book Life Lessons from my Dancing Life 
  • Online Course in Posture and Alignment for working at the computer
  • Video Exercises for Tension Release
  • Meditation Videos for Tension Release
  • Video Workouts 20 Minutes of Uplifting movement you can do in a small space without special equipment. 
  • LIVE Online Group Classes
  • LIVE Online private coaching sessions

 For In-person classes, workshops, retreats and healing sessions please visit


Upward Spiral is not about formulas and fixing. It is about teaching you how to listen to your own unique self and situation. We teach you how to ask the right questions and how to create solutions to help yourself.


Founder Julia Aplin says, “I see how many of us have displaced, belittled and denied our bodies. I’ve distilled years of experience to help bring you back to your own sense of well-being. It is your birthright to feel physical joy in every motion. Through movement, meditation and healing, I help people to feel connected to and appreciate their natural being.


Upward Spiral is a unique hybrid of information and experience gathered from my life long love of human movement.  I have danced since childhood, loving the sense of moving my body as an expression of life.

My love of trees and my spiritual connection to nature continues to give me a deep understanding of the connectedness of all things.

My work integrates aspects of dance, nature, anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, evolution, psychology, planetary orbits, meditation, Pilates and the Mitzvah Technique. “

Julia holds a B.A., B.Ed. and is an Ontario Certified Teacher.

What people say about working with Julia at Upward Spiral:

 “I’ve really enjoyed this course. It’s been so useful to me. Honestly, I was dying and my pain level is so much better now. The main thing it's done is to make me so much more aware of my body and more conscious of what I’m doing as I work. “ C.M. 


“I really enjoyed it. Zoom will be a fixture for me for the foreseeable future and I will continue to practice.” D.L. 

"I love your spirit and attitude.  It shines right through !! “  L.G. 


“I got a lot out of it. For me, this is all good stuff for life. Not just for computer stuff.” K.B. 


Upward Spiral In-Person offerings include:  

  • Hands-On Healing Session based in the Mitzvah Technique
  • Group Classes
  • Gathering and Retreats


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